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5 Big Health Discoveries for 2013
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Whether you ascribe discovery to Columbus, Cousteau, or Captain Kirk, in the spirit of celebrating breaking barriers and reaching new frontiers, we share with you five big medical breakthroughs achieved in 2013.

These medical breakthroughs have used technology, research, and human persistence to our advantage, helping us achieve better living. Medical discoveries that were once unimaginable are now set to change lives all over the world. Here is a pick of the top five health discoveries that the year 2013 presented has presented so far.

1. 3D Mammography

Also known as breast tomosynthesis, 3D mammography is a newer form of diagnostic testing that aims to give more accurate results than traditional screening. The final approval for the clinical usage of 3D mammography has now been approved by the FDA. Clear images are obtained one breast at a time with compression rate prescribed below the limit advocated by FDA. Patients suffering from dense breast tissue get more significant results than conventional mammography therapy.

The procedure involves an x-ray arm of the machine making a quick arc across the breast while taking dozens of images for interpretation. Preliminary results show that there was a rise of more than 47 percent in cancer detection with 3D mammography. This could possibly lead to saving the lives of high risk patients.

2. Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion

Shortage of donors often leads to terminal lung patients ending up not getting a proper treatment or replacement. This is often because usable organs are harvested from only 15 patients of deceased donors. However, the new “Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion” technology or “lung washing” has in fact proved to be of help in treating donor organs with proprietary fluid that clears minor infections.

As per reports from Europe, more than 40 percent of damaged lungs from deceased patients could be repaired and transplanted in needy patients. The procedure has already been approved in Canada and Europe.

3. Modular Stents for Aneurysms

There have been many critical cases where the largest areas in the heart’s artery get weak, start ballooning, and finally give up. Till this day, the preferred treatment for the condition is a large stent involving a graft of about 6 cm in the affected area.

The problem is that the stent must be an exact fit and can take months to develop.  A bigger barrier is that more than 40 percent of complex aneurysms patients aren’t candidates for the procedure.

The new modular stents seem to be an amazing alternative because they provide a “one-size” fits all solution that reduces pre-op wait times. Eligibility rates are expected to be higher and recovery time lower. FDA approved multi-center trials are underway.

4. Femtosecond Laser Surgery for Cataracts

In the US, the most common of surgical procedures for the eye is treating cataracts that cloud the eye lens. These treatments improved vision in more than 90 percent of the cases. However, the new FDA approved Femtosecond Laser Surgery for Cataracts, which already has been used for the LASIK eye surgeries have proved to be more fruitful.

The procedure involves using light pulses that last for one-quadrillionth of a second, providing a more precise solution. Apart from being more accurate than the clinical surgery that uses blades, the Femtosecond Laser treatment for cataract involves less inflammation while providing better stability when implanting intraocular lenses.

5. Bariatric Surgery to Control Diabetes

It has been long noticed that weight loss surgical treatments have proved beneficial for patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Even before patients leave their hospital beds, there seems to be a reversal of the disease.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 20 million cases of diabetes in the US and more than 90 percent of these people have Type 2 diabetes. As a person’s weight increases, so does the risk and severity of this ailment. About 40% of people with Type 2 diabetes need daily insulin injections to maintain safe levels of glucose.

Medical studies show that the bariatric surgery closed off most of the stomach to food resulting in long term weight-loss.  These patients showed greater recovery rates from diabetes and more stable health than those in traditional diabetes treatments.

Compared to normally treated patients with insulin and mediation, Bariatric procedures make patients more free of maintenance. They are also less likely to suffer from blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

Get Healthy with the i spa Team

There you have it, five of the biggest medical advances in 2013. From less invasive and more effective forms of surgery to early warning systems that can save lives by detecting disease earlier.  The science of healthcare is constantly evolving.

Just remember, the best way to stay healthy, is to be healthy. New treatments and cures bring hope and relief to those already sick. However, prevention is the best medicine! If you would like to improve your level of wellness, join us for Yoga and other wellness services at i spa Health Studio.

If you are considering bariatric surgery, please call i spa Health Studio at 727.386.4004 to schedule a free consultation with our in-house Weight Loss Coach or visit our weight loss page to learn more about our safe, effective program. There are many options for improving health through diet and we may be able to help you find an effective plan without the need for surgery. We don’t discourage necessary surgeries, but want you to be fully informed of your options.

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