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Should You Be Concerned About GMOs?
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There are always debates raging in the world of health and nutrition.  If you've kept up with the news at all then you have probably heard about GMOs.  There have been arguments, protests, and even some court cases regarding GMOs and this is quickly becoming a worldwide topic.  Many people, however, are still confused about these foods and don't actually know what they are or how they can negatively affect their health.

Modern Science Meets Traditional Food

The term “GMO” stands for Genetically Modified Organism.  Scientists all over the world have been working on improving a number of different natural organisms.  Some of these are plants such as fruits and vegetables while others are living, breathing creatures.

These organisms have had their genetic make-up modified in an effort to produce one benefit or another.  Each cell in these products has genetic material that has been suppressed, altered, damaged, or expanded in some way.  These cells, previously non-existent in nature, are now being ingested by millions of people across the planet.

While the implications of tampering with the genetic coding of nature may be beyond the scope of this article, it's important to remember that GMOs affect you on a personal level.  These modified foods are not natural and can very easily end up in your diet if you don't know what to look for.  The biggest problem is that the long term effects of consuming genetically modified foods has yet to be discovered.

Why GMO?

Scientists have created genetically modified organisms for a number of reasons.  One reason is actually rather benign.  Many of these GMOs have been created to allow a certain type of crop to grow in a harsh climate.  Grains such as modified rice have been designed to be more resilient than their natural relatives.  These crops can be sent to starving countries in an effort to give them a plausible cure for famine.

Other organisms have been modified to become more resistant to certain pests.  Beetles, worms, and parasites can often infect a farmer's crops.  They can destroy a significant portion of the crops which leads to a smaller yield and higher prices.  By planting genetically modified crops that can survive attacks from these pests, the farmer incurs less crop loss and the consumer doesn’t have to pay a premium for a small crop year.

More often than not, however, these organisms are modified to increase profit.  Many crops and even some animals have been modified to grow bigger and stronger than ever before.  Vegetables have been modified to be much larger than a natural vegetable and animals such as cows and pigs have been made to produce even more meat.  This food is then sent to the grocery store and will end up on your plate.

Why You Should Be Concerned

On the surface, GMOs may sound like a good idea.  They can help make food both more affordable and more abundant.  The rise of GMOs has actually made grocery shopping a bit cheaper for most people which is something everyone can enjoy – in the short run.

The truth is, not everyone wins.  Factory farms using GMO technology can drive smaller farms that are committed to natural foods out of business.  These small growers are the counterpoint to GMO’s.  As awareness grows about the risks of GMO food sources, more families are choosing to buy certain meats and vegetables from local growers or certified organic sources they can trust.

The real problem, however, is what these GMOs are doing to your body.

When you consume something, whether you eat it, drink it, breathe it, or absorb it through your skin, it will literally become a part of you.  Your body will break it down and then absorb the different nutrients and chemical components.  When you eat genetically modified food, however, your body is absorbing modified nutrients.  This modified genetic coding will become a part of you and no one is sure what that means.  You are literary eating mutated cells.

Consider this.  What is the consequence of eating meat that contains cells modified to promote secretion of certain hormones?  Or the growth of certain body parts?  What about vegetables that are modified to grow unnaturally large? This, incidentally, is the same basic cause for cancer.  Excessive and unrestrained cellular growth can cause serious and sometimes fatal problems.  There is significant alarm in being raised in scientific and medical communities about the risk factor of GMOs.

Staying Healthy

What you choose to eat is your choice.  Adding fruit and vegetables to your diet is always a positive move.  Selecting non-GMO organic products can add positive short term and long term impacts.  In the immediate, you get to eat foods that typically taste better and are higher in nutrient value. Simultaneously, you could be proactively decreasing your risk of long-term disease.

Genetically modified foods may sound good from a business standpoint, but there is strong scientific concern that may turn out to be a cause of cancer and other terminal problems.  If you are truly concerned about your long term health, then consider adding more natural foods to your daily diet.

Many mainstream grocery stores now carry non-GMO and organic food options.  If you are not sure you can trust labels, then research local natural growers in your community. Many are fully open to the public and very transparent about their growing process. They will gladly tell you about their seeds, soils, and storage methods.

Visiting local gardens and farms is a great way to make sure you know exactly what you are eating. This is important, because it’s absolutely true that you are what you eat.  I don’t know about you, but here at i spa Health Studio, we’re going to try to stay away from eating unnatural mutations.


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