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The summer is coming to a close and that means Back to School Season is in full swing.  Parents and children all over the country and gearing up for another exciting school year and there is a lot to be done.  From backpacks to notebooks, pencils and glue sticks, children have a long list of supplies they need and the shopping can get quite frantic.

During this stressful period of time, it can be all too easy to forget about our health.  While we all want our children to get the best education possible, no amount of school supplies can replace good health.  Healthy children are happier and better able to tackle the tough obstacles ahead of them.  Staying healthy allows children to perform better in school and retain more information.

Parents, however, should monitor their own health as well.  We are responsible for our children’s wellbeing and we need to be in the best shape possible.  While you’re out hunting down those last few elusive school supplies, take some time to plan for a healthy and active new year full of friends, fun and, of course, education.

In fact, this is the perfect time of the year to begin making a commitment to a fuller, healthier life for you and your children.  The new school year brings with it a new schedule and a host of new activities.  Taking a few minutes to make room for a few healthy additions can pay off in big ways.

Here is a short checklist of things you should keep in mind while getting ready for the new school year:

Eat Right
Children are still growing and they can often be full of energy.  When this energy comes from sugary snacks and highly processed foods, however, it will not last through the day.  Nutrition is one of the most important considerations in our lives and it needs to start first thing in the morning.

A proper breakfast, consisting of healthy foods, will help you make sure your child is getting started in the right way.  Following this up with a filling and nutritious lunch will give them energy long into the afternoon.

Sleep Well
Getting enough sleep is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.  With hectic schedules and life’s daily concerns running us ragged, it can be hard to get to bed on time.  You should plan a set bed time for your children to make sure they are getting enough rest.  If you begin planning for it now, before the school year starts, it will be a much easier transition.  While you are at it, set a bed time for yourself too!

Your entire family will be happier and full of energy when you and the kids are getting the type of rest they need.  Remember to limit certain evening activities such as video games and television so your children have time to wind down.  They should also make sure to finish their homework before they start to get too tired.

Stay Active
Regular exercise is important for both parents and children.  Moderate activity can help us regulate our diets, our sleep, and even our own mental state.  A child’s schedule should contain at least one or two regular activities which offer a healthy dose of exercise.  Parents will also benefit from regular trips to the gym or a mild and low impact exercise program such as Yoga.

Our modern schedules are busy.  Finding time to relax and get away from the stress of daily life can do wonders to help improve the health of your family.  Parents should make sure they include a period of relaxation in their schedules.  This can include things such as a massage, meditation, or aroma therapy.

While we are all scrambling to make sure our kids are ready for the new school year, we should also take a moment to consider our health.  Your health is your greatest asset and the same is true for your children.  A healthy family is a happy family.

i spa Health Studio has everything you need to make this school year the best and healthiest one yet.  With acupuncture, massage therapy, weight loss coaching and more, we offer a total health solution for both you and your family. Contact us today at 727.386.4004 and discover all of the amazing ways we can help your family get more out of life.


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