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Time With Dad

father's day

As Father’s Day approaches we would like to acknowledge and express gratitude to all the father figures in our lives.  At i spa, we will lovingly remember fathers we’ve lost, we will celebrate mothers who are both Mom and Dad to their kids, salute single Dads raising kids on their own, thank brothers, cousins, uncles and family friends who step in as father figures, and we definitely will celebrate the dads and grandpas who add strength and love to our families.

We each have unique memories of time with our fathers - stories that make us smile, or even crack-up with laughter.  One of our team members shared the following story:

I remember being 4 years old playing “boxing” with my Dad while he watched a match on TV.  I would proudly pummel away at his knees as he gently reached down and tousled my hair.  Every few minutes, I would end up on the floor, scramble back up, and go right back to pummeling his knees.  I never understood how I ended up on the floor, but I always got right back up.

Years later, I watched my Dad play this game with one of my younger cousins and I learned the secret.

He cheated!

Ok, maybe “cheated” is a strong word. Let’s just say Dad was more of a mixed martial artist than a boxer.  When my cousin was distracted, my Dad would very quickly, but gently swipe my cousin’s legs from under him.  Just like me, my cousin missed the move and only knew that he was suddenly and painlessly on the floor.

Even though he is older now, Dad still has that quick leg swipe. I watch him play this game with his grandkids and the incredulous look on their faces when they find themselves on the floor just cracks me up.

Time with Dad is precious. This weekend many of us will overcome work, school, and distance to spend time with the fathers in our lives. We’ll laugh about old memories and create new ones. Maybe there will be a barbecue or a special dinner out.  In some form or another, we will honor these amazing souls that contribute to our character and growth.

We wish all fathers a long, healthy life full of laughter, love, and joy.

Happy Father’s Day from i spa Health Studio!


Still need a Father’s Day Gift?  How about a massage or acupuncture session at i spa Health Studio?  We can help keep dad relaxed and healthy this summer. Just stop by or call 727.386.4004 to schedule an appointment for the father in your life.  Gift cards are available too!


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