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What's Your Dream?
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Dream big

Whether or not you are a fan of American Idol, the avalanche of media attention has probably informed you (like it or not) that Candace Glover was crowned the Season 12 Winner.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have been flooded with opinions on her merits.  Our perspective isn’t on her talent, but on her drive.  We find it note worthy that despite prior defeats, Candace Glover persevered, followed her dream, and accomplished a life-changing goal.

Dreams, life goals, aspirations; however you choose to word it – they are important. A sense of purpose can light up lives, open doors, and enrich our experience as a human being.  There is an innate sense of elation and satisfaction when a dream is realized, even if it belongs to someone else.  Every year tens of millions of TV viewers watch shows like American Idol, The Voice, and sporting events such as the Super Bowl and the World Series.  Think of the global focus during the Olympics or World Cup.

There is a feel good factor that comes with witnessing others achieve their dreams. This sense of “feeling good” can become exponential when triumph comes after adversity.  Hollywood produces movie after movie about characters who overcome challenges to achieve their purpose in life, and we flock to these movies again and again to feast on these success stories.

Speaking of Hollywood, do you remember the opening line to the movie Pretty Woman?  It’s a classic!

“Welcome to Hollywood! Everybody has a dream! What’s your dream?
What’s your dream? Hey mister, what’s your dream?”

What is your dream?

Are you working on it?  Or it is buried so deep inside you that you can barely remember it?

Granted, some dreams are age related.  One of our team members was so enamored of the Indiana Jones movies, she swore she would be an archaeologist...right until it came time to choose a college major and she realized she wasn’t really a fan of getting that dirty.  Instead, she pursued her other dream of becoming a writer and from time to time she watches the Indiana Jones movies in her clean home.

Dreams change and evolve as we change and evolve.  Maybe you didn’t get to be a Major League baseball player and now at 40, that moment has passed you by.  But there are great amateur leagues for adults that offer the deep satisfaction of gathering a team and enjoying a game well played.  That moment of swinging a bat strong and level and hearing the “crack” of a home run isn’t limited to Wrigley Field.  That feeling is yours to have right here in your local community.

Americans are living longer and Madonna, love or hate her, taught us one thing for sure, you can always reinvent yourself.   No matter where you are today, no matter how old you think you are, you can choose to rekindle a dream or pursue a brand new one.

Now you might be thinking, okay this is all very sweet, but what on earth does accomplishing dreams have to do with the i spa Health Studio?

Well, it’s simple.  Every single day people all over the U.S. give up on their dreams because they don’t have the stamina, energy, or physical wellness to pursue them.  While we can’t directly help everyone all over the U.S., we sure can help anyone in Pinellas and adjoining Counties.

We hear from it from people all the time.  If I didn’t have this knee problem, if my back didn’t hurt, if I wasn’t so heavy, if just I felt better, I could do this or that.  And guess what?  Through responsible treatments, maybe a weight loss protocol, or even our Saturday yoga classes, we do get people feeling better.  When they feel better, doors open.  They dust off old dreams and they set new goals and they enjoy experiences that make their lives richer and more fun.

You can do the same.  If aches and pains or some extra weight are blocking your path to your dreams, then it’s time to take action.  We invite you to feel better and do those things you dream of doing.  Call i spa Health Studio at 727.386.4004 and let’s talk about how we can restore your wellness so that you can restore your sense of purpose.

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