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The Meaning of Fall


Let’s just be clear upfront. This blog post is about the season of Fall. It won’t be a scary discourse of vertigo or falls that cause dislocated shoulders or twisted ankles. Although, if you have experienced any of those, please do call us, we can help get you better.

But I digress. This conversation is about the onset of Autumn. That beautiful time of year when the weather starts to cool off and leaves dazzle us with glorious shades of red and gold. Not that we get to see too much of that. After all, i spa Health Studio is located in Largo, Florida.

Admittedly for Floridians, Fall is more of a wish than a reality. The only thing that cools down our temperature is Winter and our trees, for the most part, remain a stubborn bright green.  Yes, here in Florida the season of Fall is not a brazen reality. For us, it is more about the Feeling of Fall.

The Feeling of Fall

It’s okay. I promise this will make sense. We haven’t lost ourselves in a poetic diatribe. The feeling of Fall may sound bizarrely abstract, but if you stick with us, I think we can take you on a rather pleasant journey.

Let’s start with some facts.

In the northern hemisphere Fall, or Autumn, marks the transition from Summer into Winter. It isn’t just a random proclamation either. Fall, like all seasons, aligns to an astronomical occurrence. Here is where it gets all scientific. Fall is one of the two equinoxes that occur in March and September, when the tilt of the Earth's axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun.

The name "equinox" is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night), because around the equinox, night and day are about equal length. This year, the equinox, or official start of Fall is on September 22nd.

Fall is also known as a time of harvest. Harvest is the process of gathering mature crops from the fields. Closely related is “reaping”, the cutting of grain for harvest. This is the time of year when selecting the right seeds and working your crops yields tangible product that will nurture you and others.

Ok, so the planet aligns and we gather some veggies, what does that have to do with a feeling?

Well, how do you feel?

  • Do you feel that you spent the summer cultivating positing things in your life?
  • Are you reaping rewards in your professional life?
  • Are your relationships deeper and closer?
  • Are you healthier and happier with your body?
  • Are you joyfully reaping abundance?
  • Are you celebrating your harvest with enthusiasm and gratitude?

The sense that all is on track and that you right where you need to be in terms of your goals, dreams, and life - That is the feeling of Fall!  This is the time of year when we relax a little.  This is the calm before the frenzy of the holidays. It is the month of the equinox!  Do you feel balanced?  Centered?  Grounded?  Will you, like so many others, breathe deep of the cool Fall air reveling in your harvest?

Or are you perplexed that another season has passed and you have still have so much you want to do? Are looking back at the last nine months and pondering what you have created so far this year? First, celebrate the wins. And if there is more to be done, know that you have time if start now.

Your Fall Harvest is Waiting

Dust off that list of “things to do in 2013”, and get started. Achieving balance and harvesting are not singular actions. They are both processes that take time and commitment. Fall isn’t a day.  It’s a season of gradual change. Whatever it is that you need to achieve to get that “feeling of Fall”, you don’t have to do it overnight. In fact, according to the cosmos, you have all the way until December 20th to get that happy feeling.

As the leaves turn to gold, so can your life. The beauty of the harvest is that it is a community effort. Tap on family and friends to help you get motivated. Learn best practices from colleagues and start building your own success. Take small steps, but take them.

Soon, very soon, you will feel a slight chill in the air. When do you, remember to smile – it’s the feeling of Fall and it belongs to you.

If your list of things to accomplish in 2013 include better health, greater mobility, or weight loss call us at 727.386.4004 to schedule a free consultation. Our team can help you reap a harvest of wellness.


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