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7 Ways To Add More Veggies Into Your Diet

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Can you believe it’s March?  Here we are 60+ days into 2013. We survived the holidays, we made resolutions, we celebrated (or ignored) Valentine’s Day, and now we are sliding head-first into spring.  Yes, it’s March.  Already.

It’s around this time of the year that our clients start buzzing about “getting in shape for the summer”. We get asked lots of questions about nutrition and eating healthier, so we thought we’d share simple ways to get a lot more veggies into your diet.

Wait. Let’s clarify our use of that incendiary word “diet”.   When we say “diet” we don’t mean “a miserable period of self-imposed semi-starvation”.  When the i spa folks say “diet” we mean the collective food that you eat.   Are we agreed on terminology?   Excellent, let’s move on.

Vegetables.  Why are sharing tips on eating more veggies?  Simple, when we review our client’s eating patterns we typically find a lot of grains and protein present, but vegetables tend to be ignored.  Since most folks can’t seem to embrace the loveliness of bright green broccoli on their plates on a regular basis, we’ve given you some easy replacements of things you commonly eat.

These seven quick and easy replacements can boost your intake of vitamins, protein, and fiber while reducing fat and calories.  Recipes for most of these healthy alternatives can be found in the Recipe Corner of the i spa Health Studio website.

  • Replace Potato Chips with Kale Chips. An easy olive oil glaze and less than 30 minutes in the oven and you have a crunchy, super nutritious snack.  Add all-natural spices to create amazing flavors like spicy chili, sea salt and vinegar, and even vegan cheese.
  • Replace M&Ms with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds.  Although a fall favorite, pumpkin seeds are a great idea all year long.  Experiment with different seasoning and keep the flavor profiles interesting.
  • Replace White Rice with Brown Rice for more fiber and protein.  If you really want up your health quotient, use Grated Cauliflower.  All it takes is few minutes in the microwave.  No water, no mess, just an easy, delicious side dish.
  • Replace Mashed Potatoes with Quinoa. Quinoa, also a great substitute for rice, is packed with protein.  It’s very easy to make and it’s a great ingredient for hot and cold dishes.  If you crave the creamy texture of mashed potatoes, try mashed cauliflower (yes, cauliflower again, it’s super versatile!).
  • Replace Mayonnaise with Hummus. Let’s face it, all mayonnaise, even the lowest fat versions, add fatty calories to your meals. If you can’t handle a dry sandwich try a drizzle of olive oil, or boost your protein intake with hummus.
  • Replace Spaghetti with Zucchini. Spaghetti squash has been very popular in the last few years and it’s definitely yummy.  If you are looking for something new, try spiral sliced zucchini as an easy and delicious alternative to white flour pasta.
  • Replace Steak with Portobello Mushroom. Just try it.  You won’t believe a mushroom can taste so rich and be so filling.  Buy thick cut Portobello and grill them for 10 minutes.  You can even marinate them for extra flavor.  They are juicy and delicious!

See it’s not that hard.  It just takes a sense of adventure and a little planning.  Print this blog post and take it to the grocery store with you.  Not sure where to find hummus?  Don’t be shy, ask any grocery store employee or one of those hippie-looking youngsters.  Just be careful, they might start telling you how to MAKE hummus and well, you may not be ready for that yet.  Maybe next week!

If you want to learn more about healthy eating and our weight loss plan, join us at i spa Health Studio on Wednesday, March 13th at 6:00pm for an interactive discussion about health and weight loss.   This is a casual and fun event.  There is no cost to attend, just call 727.386.4004 to reserve a seat.


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